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5 Home Objects That Make Great Cat Toys

Play is essential for your cat's well-being. It mimics the natural hunting instinct, and it keeps kitty occupied. And while pet stores are brimming with cute and innovative toys, cat [...]

5 Home Objects That Make Great Cat Toys2017-03-22T11:34:05+00:00

What Is Flat Design?

With the release of iOS7 just around the corner, clamor over the changes Jony Ive will institute is growing. The general consensus—on this site and elsewhere—is that Apple is about [...]

What Is Flat Design?2017-03-22T11:34:24+00:00

Logo Design Inspiration 2014

Trends 2014 Logos play an imperative role to stand for the perception of any website’s stability. When talking about its strong point, Logo seems the main part as many bloggers [...]

Logo Design Inspiration 20142017-03-22T11:34:24+00:00