>5 Popular Social Media Marketing Tips That DON’T Work. AT ALL!

5 Popular Social Media Marketing Tips That DON’T Work. AT ALL!

wrong social media tipsImagine yourself suffering from a disease. You come to a doctor, hoping that he will tell you about the disease and how to cure it. The doctor gives you some tips and prescription. You have to follow those tips and take the medication in order to cure your disease. You’ve followed the tips from the doctor carefully and took the medication as well. Nothing happens. It doesn’t work. Well, it’s the same in the field of social media marketing. Sometimes, the tips that are given to you don’t work at all. You thought that they will work perfectly, but the reality is that they don’t work for you. Do you want to know some popular tips about social media marketing that don’t deserve your attention? Here are 5 popular social media marketing tips that don’t work at all:

1. Post Your Updates On Specific Hours

This is the dumbest tip that you can apply in your social media marketing. Do you think that people will check their social media account only on specific hours? No, my friend. They check their social media account all the time. Remember, they have Smartphones these days, so it will only take a minute to check their account and get back to do what they’re doing. So, if you’re using Facebook or Twitter, don’t wait until weekend before you start updating your status. Post your status update as often as possible, at least once per hour. It will help you to keep your presence in those social media platforms.

2. You Must Join All Social Media Networks Out There

Well, can you count how many social media platforms available these days? You can’t join all those social media networks without getting a burn out. You can’t focus on all those platforms and still doing your business as usual. There are many popular social media platforms to use, but the question is which one will be most useful for you? Look at your audience. What social networks do they use? Follow them. Focus on a few networks that work.

3. You Should Attract Followers That Only Interested In Your Niche

Most gurus will recommend you to attract followers that only interested in your niche. So, if you’re on Twitter and you’re a writer, you have to attract only writers on Twitter. Is it a good strategy? Not at all. Most people have a variety of interests, so you can’t just target people that only interested in your niche and make them your followers. You have to allow anyone to follow you. After all, if they don’t like you, they’ll unfollow you immediately.

4. You Must Look Professional With Your Social Media Activity

Just because you’re posing as a professional on Twitter doesn’t mean that you have to post tweets that are professional in nature (or related only to your business). Life is not only about making money. You have to show your personality in your social media. Don’t be afraid to post something related to your hobbies. Be personal, but stay professional. That’s the motto that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your followers interested in you.

5. Follow Others In The Same Niche To Get Followers

Some people will say that in order to get followers, you need to follow some people in your niche and expect a followback. I’m talking about Twitter here, and it doesn’t work. Most of the people that you follow will not follow you back, if not all. You need to employ a better strategy if you want to gain followers, not just expecting followback. What about creating content that is outstanding enough to inspire others to start following you on Twitter? What about creating a viral video on YouTube and start attracting followers from the value that you give to your audience? That’s a good strategy to employ them to expect a follow back.

Those are 5 popular social media marketing tips that don’t work at all. Most of those tips are useless, and you can’t follow them. Yet, people give those tips all the time. If you want some good advice, avoid following those tips and start building real social media following in the right way. This article here has some great tips to look for in social media marketing for coming years.