>Browser Wars: which one is the most used browser?

Browser Wars: which one is the most used browser?

Diehard Safari fan? Well, you may want to consider switching to Chrome if browser speed is of any importance to you. That’s what the data in Newrelic’s latest Browser Wars infographic tells us.

At Newrelic (www.rewrelic.com) using their Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature, they have culled once again culled the average browser speeds experienced by end users of nearly 3 million application instances and the data doesn’t lie.

The last time they put browsers head to head back in November 2012, Safari was voted most popular browser on Mac operating systems despite the fact that Chrome dominated in speed.

This year, it’s the same case—users are still gravitating towards Safari even though Chrome (and Firefox) are light years faster on a Mac. It may also be hard to believe that Blackberry 5*still* reigns as the fastest mobile browser (who would have thought?). Just goes to show that you need to listen to the data.

And remember: No matter how perfect your app code is, your end users’ experience can still suffer if the browser they’re using is slow. So stay in the know with the data below.


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