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London Hotels

 London  is one of the most important financial capitals of the modern world. Ironically, it also happens to be one of the most important historical capitals of the modern world as it’s a city that’s steeped in history.  London  was founded by the Romans. It witnessed major changes in its infrastructure since the medieval ages. Modern  London  is an extremely well-developed and a sprawling city where the ancient and the new exist side by side. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing to discern the sharp contrast between the ultramodern  London  Eye and the old Tower of  London , a castle which dates back to the medieval ages; the famous department store Harrods and the ancient mausoleum, Westminster Abbey; the bustling Heathrow Airport and the Tower Bridge; the jerkin-shaped  London  City Hall and the imposing St. Paul’s Cathedral.  London  is one of the most popular tourist and business destinations for holidaymakers, globetrotters, and jet set corporate executives. The innumerable  London  hotels provide high-class accommodation to the tourists and business travelers.

However,  London  is a very expensive city. The price of real estate in  London  is the highest in the world. Houses can be purchased only if you pay through your nose and even if you want to be a tenant, you’ll have to be prepared to pay exorbitant rents. Goods and services are also very costly in  London  unless you’re content with purchasing goods ‘made in China.’ The ‘made in China’ tag has flooded the  London  markets, shops and stores because it labels goods which have been made in China and which are extremely affordable, if not cheap.  London  is very well connected to the rest of the United Kingdom and the world through roads, railways, the waterways and through air routes.

Conferences in  London  Hotels

 London  is home to hundreds of hotels. The  London  hotels, like everything else in the city, are posh, plush, and expensive. The hotels in  London  serve as excellent conference venues. Most  London  hotels are equipped with fabulous conference facilities that enable guests to host conferences with alacrity and ease. The hotels of  London  also house large banquet halls, ballrooms, gymnasiums and restaurants so that guests who come for conferences can really chill-out in between hectic and grueling meetings. Many of the  London  hotels house well-equipped Business Centers. Several staffs such as typists, secretaries, translators, PAs, and others, work in these Business Centers. Hotel guests may avail of the services offered by the Business Centers, at a price, any time they like. The PAs, secretaries and other professional assistants employed at these Business Centers are extremely efficient and can really help you to make your conference a success.

Conference Facilities in  London  Hotels

The conference halls of all the hotels of the city are fitted with the latest audiovisual equipment and gadgets such as 35mm slide projectors, flip charts and markers, digital projectors, LCD projectors, overhead projectors, DVD players, whiteboards, lecterns, microphones, cable modems, VCRs, stage lights, laser discs, modem lines, etc. so that guests face no problems while hosting conferences. If you want to mix business with pleasure, you should host your meetings in the hotels of  London . Unlike hotels in other nations, the hotels of  London  are capable of transporting you back to the olden days, to a bygone era. This is because the  London  hotels encapsulate the quaint charm of  London , the rich historical aura of the city, in their rooms, halls, suites, and meeting rooms. Hotels in cities such as Washington, New York, LA, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Ottawa, Montreal, and Dubai, may be very modern and swank, but they cannot afford their guests the luxury of an antediluvian milieu, the grandeur of the past.

The Classic and the Hi-Tech

Some of the hotels of  London  are as ancient as the city’s most historical edifices. The interiors of these hotels are either stuccoed or ornately carved with intricate designs that fill up the friezes and the ceilings. The rooms and halls also sport gilt-edged Venetian mirrors, paintings, antique fireplaces, exquisite wall paneling and wainscoting, damask drapes on the doors and windows, and magnificent and sparkling chandeliers. The Ritz is one of the  London  hotels that boast of a rich history. The hotel has several marvelous meeting rooms where conferences may be hosted with aplomb. The Burlington room of the Ritz is a spectacular venue for hosting meetings. Though the Burlington room sports a décor which is reminiscent of the Victorian period, it is equipped with the latest and the best meeting gadgets and gizmos which enable conference presenters to execute their conferences without any hitches.

While discussing the hotels of  London , a mention must be made of Claridge’s. Claridge’s is one of the best hotels of  London  where you can host prestigious and glamorous events and conferences. The interiors of the hotel are decorated in the Art Deco style. Everything in this hotel, from its walls and ceilings to its hearth and scalloped curtains, smacks of regality and class. Claridge’s is situated in the up-market Mayfair of  London . Claridge’s vaunts a suite of meeting rooms that are equipped with hi-tech gadgets so that conferences and symposiums may be conducted seamlessly and without any glitches.

Using Meeting Diary in the  London  Hotels

Meeting Diary would be very useful if you’re hosting a meeting in any of the hotels of  London . Apart from the audiovisual equipment that the  London  hotels offer for you to present your meeting properly, we recommend that you use Meeting Diary for arranging and organizing your meeting. Meeting Diary is a superb application that helps you to plan your seminars, set down corporate goals, frame your meeting agenda, record your meeting minutes and proceedings and do lots more to make your event a smash hit. Audiovisual gadgets in  London  hotels only help you to present your meetings. They don’t offer holistic meeting solutions like Meeting Diary does. If your meeting venue is in any of the  London  hotels and if you avail of the services of Meeting Diary while hosting the meeting, there is absolutely no doubt that your meeting will be a memorable and productive event. One big difference between Meeting Diary and the  London  hotels is that Meeting Diary doesn’t cost anything, any pence or any cent, to use. Meeting Diary is an application that you can use, free of cost.

Famous  London  Hotels

Some of the other luxury and corporate  London  hotels are Grosvenor House,  London ; InterContinental  London  Park Lane; 51 Buckingham Gate; Sofitel  London  St. James; The Dorchester; The Stafford Hotel; The Langham  London ; The May Fair Hotel; Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park; Radisson Edwardian Pastoria Hotel; etc.

Other Facilities Offered by the  London  Hotels

Most  London  hotels do not include breakfast in their room charges. And what’s surprising is that many luxury  London  hotels don’t include breakfast with room and other charges. Hotel guests frequently complain about this but most hoteliers have no answer to this problem. The costs of living in  London  have always been high and they’re escalating each day. So unless you put up in some of the best and most expensive  London  hotels, which charge excessively, you can’t expect a hearty breakfast. It is the policy of some  London  hotels to give their guests ‘a plain breakfast’ which they think is better than offering no breakfast. Plain breakfasts normally consist of toasts, croissants, jam, marmalade, butter, milk, cornflakes, fruit juice, tea and coffee. Filling enough but not satisfactory if you’re thinking of gorging on grilled bacon, smoked sausages, ham, salami, cheeses, French fries, jacket potatoes, grilled tomatoes, strawberry cakes, tarts and yogurt. The  London  hotels will definitely organize sumptuous breakfasts for you if you pay that extra amount!

Apart from breakfasts, telephone charges are also a bane in most  London  hotels. Most  London  hotels have excellent communication facilities in the form of telephones, facsimile machines, computers with Internet connections, etc. But they charge several times the amount required even if you make a simple local call. And if you think you’ll communicate via the telephone from one of the  London  hotels with your grandmother far away, you’ll have to be ready to be pretty generous even if you’re not feeling generous. Porterage is also very pricey in all  London  hotels. It’s better that you carry your own luggage from the reception area to your room when checking in and back when checking out. And room service is sheer luxury in  London  hotels. Unless you want to splurge or show off your wealth, it’s better that you go down to the dining hall for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Taxis in  London 

Taxis are very costly to ride in the city. But the redeeming factor is that this fact, at least, can in no way be attributed to the  London  hotels.

It’s worth Staying in the  London  Hotels

Despite everything,  London  is worth visiting. Westminster Abbey, the Tower of  London , Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Wembley, Millennium Dome,  London  Eye, City Hall, St James Park, Hyde Park, Parliament Building, Madame Tussaud’s, Trafalgar Square, Kensington Gardens, St. Paul’s Cathedral, University Of  London , Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Piccadilly Circus, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge, Natural History Museum, and Victoria and Albert Museum are some of the many attractions and tourist hotspots of  London . So, grumbling about the costs charged by  London  hotels would probably be penny wise and pound foolish because to save some pounds, you’d be missing out on a treat that’s really worth the expense and that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.