I think you all are aware what I mean by green innovation. We live on the earth and there are certain things that we need from the nature for our daily routine. These things are water, trees, and air. These are called natural resources that we get from the nature. Nature does not cost us anything in return for these resources so we had started using the natural resources for our selfish means.

Trees and forests are one of the best gifts of the nature to human being. They give us fresh air to breathe, food to eat, water in the form of rain, shelter, and also the wood for our various daily needs. But what we give in return. We started consuming the trees for our wrong desires, desire for money. It is okay to get wood from the trees, but in this process, we are finishing the number of trees and forests on the earth. We all know that how important trees are for our survival, but still we have become blind due to our hunger of money. We are cutting the trees in order to get the wood but we are unaware of our future. We cannot live in a world without trees and forests. How can anyone live in such a world? What will we eat if there is no tree and even animals? And, the most important how will we breathe if there is no oxygen in the air? So, we need to give it a thought.

Furniture Industry and Green Innovation

As the main topic of this article is how furniture industry affects the green innovation, so I will now discuss the same. What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word furniture? Obviously it is the wood, isn’t it? The wood is always being the first and the most important resource for furniture. I do not think there is any need to explain how furniture industry is affecting our nature and the environment. Most of the furniture items we use are made of wood. Though today, we have started using other furniture made from materials other than the wood, but use of wood furniture is popular since ancient times. But the things are quite different from that time and present time. Today we do not have many trees and forests left to be consumed. If we continue using the trees and forests, there will be not any more left in the near future and we will not even be able to use the wood furniture that we had constructed before.

There are many articles written daily about green innovation and tips on how to go green so I am not going to give any such tips as you can easily get them from the internet. What I am trying here is to motivate you to go and search for these tips. These things may appear you all a little funny, but just think about a world without trees, without oxygen, without water, a life without life and then you will get what I want to say and why have I written this article. I hope I will succeed in my intentions from this article.