London  has been divided into two parts by the river Thames, into  North   London  and South London. Northern London is where most events in history and developments took place. Today the city of London, the east end, the west end and most of the London underground come under the northern territory. The geographical area and size of the region led to the division of London into 32 boroughs with most of it designated in the northern part.

 North   London  is home to some of the best shopping centres with plenty of variety and entertainment. It takes pride in being the number one destination not only for shopping but for sightseeing and entertainment as well. Big names such as Harrods, Westfield London, One New Change, The Brunswick, N1 Islington, Cardinal Place, Kingly Court, Thomas Neal Centre, Brent Cross Shopping Centre and the likes are situated on this part of the town making it a hub for shopaholics and fashion addicts.

Shoppers are never short of entertainment in  North   London . There are hundreds of things to do, see and experience. The number of bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and live shows, all has something different to offer to its visitors. Islington bars for example are famous for its street bars that offer a variety of good food and ambience. It is ideal for shoppers to stop for a drink and a chance to savour international cuisines from all over the world.

Shopping centres in  North   London  normally have cinemas and music venues within the complex to offer shoppers a complete package. Vue cinema and Cineworld are two popular brands equipped with the most high tech audio and video systems showing the latest box office movies. The O2 academy Islington is a fine example of purpose built music venues located at these shopping centres that stages national and international artists for live music performances or promotional events.

Shopping centres have become a hang out place for both the older generation and the younger generation where everything is available under one roof. The facilities and activities available at these shopping centres have taken shopping experience to a new level. Not only can people shop for their favourite brands in one place but also experience dining, clubbing, movies, live shows and musical acts within the same complex.

State of the art technology has further made it possible for companies to build and create shopping centres today with the perfect ambience in the form of waterfalls, fountains, children playing areas, escalators etc. to enhance the shopping experience.