>DIY Wooden Greenhouse – 5 Tips For Good Greenhouse Plans

DIY Wooden Greenhouse – 5 Tips For Good Greenhouse Plans

If you are considering taking on a DIY wooden greenhouse project it is a wise decision to purchase or get your hands on a greenhouse building guide for specific plans to build a proper growing center. These 5 tips will explain a few key items that are included within complete green house blueprint plans. From location of your growing house to proper irrigation you will know what plans are best. A good plan should be around $25-30 for most types of greenhouses.

1. Location – Specifically where in your yard or residence will you place your newly built structure for growing your plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. If you are building a wooden green house it is best to find some higher grounds so that the water from the irrigation system or sprinklers can run off better.

2. Material – For types of wood there are a select few that are best for making your own growing center. A good building plan guide will include all the different kinds of wood and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. Just as a reference usually cedar is the most widely used.

3. Covering – Depending on what you are going to be growing and how much you will be growing inside your structure you will have a few good options for covering the frame of your structure. Your three best choices you can use are plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate probably being the most versatile of the three while still keeping your design good looking!

4. Foundation – Laying and designing the foundation for your green houses or house is very important. Make sure that you include some good drainage ways for the water run off. Don’t chance having a swamp as a floor in your growing house, trust me you will need a good drainage system. If you plan on purchasing some type of $25-30 or more DIY wooden greenhouse plan then you will have all the information necessary for your design and structuring needs.

5. Utilities – Get an idea of how much you will need to pay for energy costs or if you will need electricity to your building. In some instances and depending on what blueprints you use you may not even need utilities but it is wise to have easy access to water, electric power, and heat sources (besides the sun, haha!).

Hopefully your DIY wooden greenhouse designs and construction goes well and you have a very successful growing center of your own! The only other advice is to hesitate on spending more than $35 or more dollars for a complete green house blueprint or guide because there are very good options for around that price or a little less.

Best of Luck and Thanks for Reading!