>What You Require? A Web Design Company Or A Web Development Company

What You Require? A Web Design Company Or A Web Development Company

Web design and web development, both these terms are distinct but equally essential parts of website creation. Understanding the differences between both terms can help you pick the professional service you require for your own website.


Web design speaks about the pieces of a website that people look at while visiting that website. A website is a collection of few elements, that are graphics, videos, photos, layout, text, colors and branding. It is the web designer’s task to place all these elements together and craft them into an attractive website: crafting your website using the basic principles of contrast, balance, emphasis, consistency, and giving your website an appealing look.

Web development, on the other side, speaks about the back-end part of the website that audiences never see. It refers to programming elements that changes a design’s static layout to a fully functioning website. The programming elements are very essential, because without developing a website, its design can never work.


Web design looks at the website’s elements that are affecting its navigation and usability. The web designers create a good looking website that can also be easily navigated. They may also build a mobile friendly layout, and may also highlight your company’s new products using the design. As an end result, you get a website that will be easy to navigate, that will accurately represent your business and will attract more visitors.

Web development team, once the designing work is over, breaks down all the pages into its basic elements. The team also checks how these elements will interact, and adds the programming language as well as other essential elements to create the interaction. For example, they will create a link between the pages.
Web design refers to not only the outer elements of the website, but also includes more than the layout. It also includes other elements like graphics, colors, branding and text; fonts and HTML used for the layout. An experienced web designer will combine all these elements into a polished product that can fulfill your business goals.

Web development guides the website to operate by using the programming languages like PHP. It also creates interactive pieces like forms, e-commerce, and much more that can allow the visitors to fulfill their task on the website. The web development also refers to all the special applications that your website might require to function effectively.


While deciding who you need to hire, you should first look at what aspects of your website needs reworking.


Both, web design and development, are connected closely. Many web development companies are capable to do both.