>Web Design – Vital Tips

Web Design – Vital Tips

Web designing and developing has been subject to the buyer preference from the time the websites have started catering to the buyers directly. Earlier the websites were being just used for providing information about the products or services offered by the business. Now the websites need to be more user-friendly, interactive, and attractive to such an extent that the visitor is converted to a buyer. The technological development and changes in the IT industry are so fast that the website needs to satisfy and come up to the level of expectations of the visitors and buyers.

Some of the vital steps that help the web design to keep pace with the latest technical developments are as follows.

Use of HTML5 and CSS3:

The HTML 5 is aimed at making the designers independent of Adobe Flash. The new video tag introduced in HTML 5 allows the user to use a new video tag for playing the video without using Adobe Flash. This has become necessary because now there are operating systems and platforms that are not compatible with Adobe Flash. This situation prevails especially in the case of iPhone and iPad because there has been a clash between Apple (the manufacturers of iPod, iPad and iPhone) and Adobe. CSS3 facilitates the designer with creation of border radius, shadow, and transparency of image. Now the web designer does not need to depend on the image tools.

Mobile Phones:

The number of people trying to access the internet through the mobile phone is increasing exponentially. There is a lot of technical and structural difference between the smart phone and the desktop PCs or Laptops. The web design needs to be compatible with the operating system and platform of the mobile phone. The resolution needs to be higher than usual.

The Touch Technology:

Nowadays most of the people do not want to use the mouse or the keyboard to navigate through the websites. Instead they want to use the touch screen technology. The use of this technology is already seen in the smart phones, tablets and pads. The web designers need to consider that in the future the number of touch screen technology users is going to increase and because of this the websites designed should be such as to facilitate navigation through touching the screen. When the touch screen technology is to be used the website designer cannot introduce drop down menus or hovering of the link on to the website.

Thumbnail Browsing:

The option of thumbnail browsing is becoming more and more popular. This technology allows the user to see through the thumbnails and find the website that he/she is searching for. The only negative aspect of this technology is that it does not work for Flash based websites. It is visual appeal that makes thumbnail browsing popular.

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