>Interview Questions-Answers on Layouts in Graphic and Web Designing

Interview Questions-Answers on Layouts in Graphic and Web Designing

Q.1.  What is layout ?
Layout is sizing , spacing and placement of the content on a particular page so that it can be easily understand by the readers .

Q.2. Why layout is important ?
It makes the design easily understand by the readers .Because of proper layout the message of the content is easily predictable .

Q.3. How many types of layout are there ?
There are two types of layout which are as follow –
Graphic layout and Web layout
Graphic – mondarian , circus or montage , multipanel , silhouette , big type , alphabet – inspired , copy heavy , frame , rebus , picture – widow .
Web – static , liquid , adaptive , responsive , hybrib

Q.4. What are the elements of the layout ?

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Images/Visual
  • Body copy/Text
  • Logo
  • Slogan/Punch line

Q.5. What are the stages to create layout ?
There are three stages of graphin design which are as follow –

Thumbnail sketches or Idea layout
It is the rough idea of what a designer wants to tell . It is fast , quick , passing thoughts . It usually takes ¼ of the page that means we can draw four images on a single sheet .

Rough layout
This layout is more accurate than  the thumbnail sketchs . They have more accurate appearance .

Comprehensive layout
This is the final layout which can be shown to the viewers or readers . This layout is perfect in terms of design , colours , font style everything which a readers want to see .

Q.6. Diff between Mondarian and Multipanel layout .

  • Mondarian layout refers to form square , landscape or portrait whereas multipanel layout divides into various theme.
  • Mondarian layout has more conceptual image than the multipanel layout image .
  • Mondarian layout image is old fashioned image whereas multipanel layout image is more modern .

Q.7. Difference between Big Type , Alphabet inspired and copy heavy layout .

Big Type Layout: In Big Type Layout we write text in big words, (specially the headlines). (This shows a single, large illustration that dominates the space with minimal text and a logo or signature. A Poster like layout type that shows importance to the Main Visual.)

Alphabet Inspired: In Alphabet Inspired Layout there is maximum use of text only and also use in a shape of a design or in an image. This is the type of layout format that focuses on letters of the alphabet as an inspiration for the idea of the ad. Fonts styles both capital and lowercase and other elements forming patterns and design. It emphasizes the arrangement of the elements that will give an impression of an image.

Copy Heavy : it is used to copy writing. It’s mostly used in Newspapers, Magazines etc …

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