>How To Create An Effective And Great Logo For Your Site

How To Create An Effective And Great Logo For Your Site

Are you thinking of designing a logo? If yes, its good, but it is not as easy as look. It is not so easy like you just draw a square box or circle, fill some colors and after that write company’s name on it and you are done. An effective and strong logo is more than other images and text. A logo tells whole story of your business. A great logo is your business and brand identity. There are many principles that show how to create a great logo. Here are these principles.

1. Thinking Or Brainstorming: A logo is the face of your brand or business. Before you start designing your logo, think about it once which type of logo suits your brand or business. Select right image, font, color and shape which can represent your brand very well.

2. Draw Your Own Logo, Don’t Copy: As you know, designing a logo is not an easy task, but it does not mean you copy another successful logo for your site. If you are confused about it, you can get the help of Internet and search for different types of logo. You can draw different sketches on paper and add some color. Sketching is the most effective and best way to draw a logo.

3. Make A Simple Logo: Don’t try to draw a hard and confusing logo. If possible, just draw a simple logo as per your brand name. It does not mean your logo just look pretty, never, it also needs to match with your brand. Adding too much color and different fonts make your logo weird. If you want, you can use just two fonts. It makes your logo clear and uncluttered.

4. Know The Meaning Of Logo: Every great logo has a story in its own words and design. Make your logo with a meaning like Apple logo has a missing byte and the Twitter logo has a bird which gives the message to flying upward.

5. Avoid Clip Art: Clip art is not a good way to make logo for your brand. Just use online tools which are specially designed for logo making. On Internet, there are various tools available. You can pick one of them.

6. Get The Help Of A Designer: If you can’t make a logo at your own, hire a professional designer. There are hundreds of designers and every one charge different price for their services. So, be aware and find an experienced and skilled designer for your job.

Making a great logo, sounds so good and easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. Media Labz is a trusted social marketing and web development service provider company in Calgary. Do you have any question? Make us call on 587-333-7961.