>How Server Downtime Affects Your Business

How Server Downtime Affects Your Business

Anyone who has worked with computers know how frustrating it is when your server suddenly goes down without warning. Not only do servers need an IT expert to fix it, your entire operations are affected when your server is not at 100%. The cost of server downtime is not just limited to the price you pay for having your server fixed, and it’s a much bigger picture than you imagine. In this article, we’ll show how much server downtime affects your business.

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Server downtime may seem inevitable. After all, what’s a few minutes of downtime if you typically have 95% uptime? Your employees could enjoy the time off, but that few minutes of downtime collectively would rack up thousands of dollars in lost revenues per year. Here are some ways downtimes can affect your business:

  1. No access, no conversions – your server typically manages the tools you use to make a sale. A consumer’s interest in making a purchase typically lasts for a few minutes before they move on to a different vendor. A virtualized environment could help you lessen your downtime. Talk to your Los Angeles technology consulting firm about virtualizing the tools you use for work.
  2. Productivity grinds to a halt – without the tools you use to work, your employees would not be able to get anything done. Paperless and server-based operations are pushed back until the server gets back online. Collectively, that’s hundreds of man hours spent without accomplishing anything.
  3. Lost data – server downtime would likely cause data corruption and/or lost data. 50% of small businesses have experienced loss of data. Loss of data could mean something that you could re-do, but in some cases, lost data would mean thousands of dollars in penalties. Talk to your Los Angeles IT consulting firm about hybrid Cloud backups to prevent data loss.
  4.  Unhappy customers –having to turn a customer away due to server downtime would give customers a negative impression of your business. You don’t just stand to lose revenue, you also stand to lose customer trust.
  5. Bad reputation –server downtime affects your reputation as a reliable business. It gives your customers the idea that they could not count on you to deliver your end of the bargain. A damaged reputation is a lot harder to fix. Consider working with Los Angeles IT services to ensure server uptime and protect your reputation as a reliable business.


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