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Our contribute for a better planet: #AdoptAMug

wwf uk business club

We are members of the WWF UKs Business Club, a Club for small to medium enterprises providing vital funds to help WWF tackle global threats such as climate change and unsustainable consumption, and protect threatened species and the places they live in.

To provide WWF UK a further contribute to its vital conservation projects, every month we design and print a unique mug with an original design – directly in our Wood Green, North London office.

Each mug portraits an incredible animals the WWF is protecting worldwide and it has relevant facts and information at its back.

There is a new mug every second week of each month. The new mug keeps a reduced price for a month.

We deliver worldwide with Royal Mail, normally within 2 weeks time (5 days in UK or Europe).

You Help to Fund WWF’s Vital Work

By buying this mug, you are helping to fund WWF’s conservation projects worldwide to protect these incredible animals and address the threats they face every day.

Every 6 mugs you buy, we adopt an animal with the WWF UK for a year.

These animal adoptions give a huge boost to WWF’s work. They help fund projects to work with local communities and to protect the environment these animals live in. Read More.

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Adelie Penguin adoption
polar bear adoption
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mountain gorilla protection wwf
asian elephant adoption and protection wwf
hawksbill turtle protection adoption wwf
majestic beautiful lion