>Web Design Tips – 5 Mistakes

Web Design Tips – 5 Mistakes


If you have a website and you know there is something wrong with it because it doesn’t look right, has a high bounce rate or doesn’t convert, it may be a simple problem with a quick fix. Here are some  web   design   tips  for 5 common mistakes.

1) Your text isn’t right for your websites overall mood or niche. Finding the right text to encompass the mood of your website is often a more difficult task than anticipated. If you believe this is a problem for you, Dafont.comc ould help. Dafont is a free resource that gives users thousands of unique fonts that can be organized by name, artist, or even style.

2) The website isn’t compatible with multiple browsers. Many websites owners are surprised to receive feedback from visitors that informs them their site doesn’t properly function in Google Chrome, which is unfortunate considering Google Chrome is the fastest growing browser online. It’s definitely worth the time to check out Browsershot.org, a free website that tests your website’s compatibility in any and all browsers.

3) Your color scheme is off base. If you don’t have an eye for color schemes, maybe try Colorschemedesigner.com. This site is easy to use and can be very effective. Simply enter in a base color (traditionally it’s a good idea to enter your logo color/colors) and see up to 20 compatible colors you can use to make your website more stylish. Again, this tool is free.

4) Your website’s navigation isn’t set up properly. While there isn’t a tool to really nail down this problem, there are a few guidelines to follow. One of the largest mistakes website owners make within their navigation is order. If you browse around, you’ll see many websites that have a “Home” tab presented first on their navigation, and have an “About Us” tab presented second. Don’t make this mistake. People don’t care who you are; they care about what you offer and at what price. You are better off listing your “Products” tab after your “Home” tab, followed by your “Pricing” tab (if applicable). Place your “About Us” tab towards the right side of your navigation near “Contact Us”.

5) Your call to action isn’t in its proper place. It’s crucial to put your call to action front and center, and on nearly every page. If you want visitors to call you on the phone, put your phone number in your header to be seen on any and every page. If your call to action is to have visitors purchase, keep that option open wherever you describe your product or service.